Friday, December 17, 2010

Rahul Gandhi #epicfail

Acc. to latest wikileaks, Rahul Gandhi is said to consider the radicalized hindu groups a bigger threat than LeT(- the pakistani based terror organization responsible for the majority of the terrorist actions against India including nov'26 mumbai attacks) 

One can only imagine Lashkar-e-Taiba a.k.a LeT laughing. Infact, I would think some of them would even take offense  What more should they do to prove? They have held  India's commerical captial under siege for 4 days with just 10-25 people apart from numerous other bomb blasts across the country. At the end of it all, they get compared to radicalized Hindu groups? who go around parks and annoy young lovers and in return get pink chaddis?

Honestly, I think LeT would be offended and rightfully so.
 Policy-wise as well this doesnt make sense. Congress relies on Muslim vote banks and regularly does what appears outwardly favourable(& like every other appeasement act - blatantly harmful to the particular community in long run like Shah bano case) actions. But this particular piece of information wasnt going to be published - so the muslims of India werent going to be aware of it so why make such a rubbish claim without any political benefits? 

I only vaguely remember this Malini Parthasarathy(think she is the one who once wrote since all the non-BJP parties together had more seats than BJP, BJP shouldnt come to power, even though BJP and its alliance formed a majority in the house!) and never thought I would ever agree with her, but she summed up Rahul gandhi neatly. 
" Rahul's remark only reveals his own ignorance and need not be taken seriously." 

Infact, this seems to be the uniform response to Rahul across the board - from BJP to visiting UK/US diplomats.
This after he has spent a good decade on Indian politics. Scary, right? especially because, none of us can prevent Rahul Gandhi from becoming a PM. 

As empty as that head he might be, Rahul is such a pretty boy, no? I guess the famous blonde theory works both the ways.


  1. What else do you expect from Congress. Rahul baba will win 300 seats for the congress in 2014 and everyone will hail it as a mandate for "secular" politics. Then we will see the "secular" policies, but still fight over Iyer-Iyengar, Vadma-Brahacharanam, Yadav-Non Yadav, etc and hand over 2019 on a platter to the biggest idiot since George Bush.

  2. May be avana kiss panna vidalayo ennavo. :P

  3. Kaushik: He is prettier than George Bush and politics requires more pretty people def.!
    Viswajith: think you nailed it!