Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Almighthy is the accused on this case

"It should be the other way around, you know. Chocolates, ice cream and chips should be healthy and things we dont like to eat should be unhealthy", said my ex-roommate in what has become an epiphanic moment to me . It isnt my fault as I let my tongue taste every chocolate that meets my eye without worrying about the sweet's clinging abilities to various parts of my body. It isnt my fault that even though I start off with a limit of 7 potato chips, I end up finishing a packet in couple of days.

It is the creator's fault.


  1. Ah.. If only vengaya bajji was part of the GM diet. I would take it every month. and finish it :-)

  2. What is GM diet,now?
    is it a whatever you can eat,eat diet?

  3. lol.... just teh opposite..
    elai .. thazhai.. vaazhapazham.. end of it.. you will turn into a rabbit or a monkey depending on your potential.:D

    Iti s a weight loss diet that I keep trying to go on.. and have never succeeded. General Motors weight loss diet. Google and see

  4. sure HE is :) I can live on snacks alone- how I HATE those skinnies who can down anything and everything without moving one limb!but Almighty didnt think I belonged in that minority...not fair - all accusations go to HIM... :)

  5. UL,
    me too,anything deep fried or anything fatty, i am there!
    General motors declared bankruptcy, so diet-a free vidu.