Thursday, June 11, 2009

Movie dialogue quiz

Often, some random dialogues from movies would get registered in my head. Some good but mostly cheesy ones. To the extent, that i hate them but yet remember them. Here are few of the dialogues and guess the movie if you can.

1. " Patha hi nahi chala maa ki kaab pyaar ho gaya, pathi hi nahi chala maa".
- The wierd thing is for a long time all I could remember was the dialogue, not the movie, not the scene, not the actress. And then I read it in another blog and figured the movie. It wasnt a 80s movies as I thought.

2. " yenna, en mansu enkita ella.."
- err.. from my favorite director and favorite director, you can take the dialogue and make a grilled cheese sandwich out of it!

3. " Shaadi Karne ke liye, kisise pyaar karna bahut zaroori hai "

4. " En brother, cobarathan quarry-la kal odaikarar"

5. "Ethni saari kushiyan kahi ghum agle mod pe tho nahi?"
- C'mon this was a good one.

Updated with answers
1. Hum dil de chuke sanam
Check out 0.47 of this video:

2. Every one guessed it right. Mouna raagam from my favorite director and favorite actor.

3. Dil chahta hai
Check out at 0.40 secs of this trailer

4. It is our cult movie, ella?

5. Kal ho na ho. Yes, I watched it, i think except for last half hour and shahrukh, the movie was tolerable. nope i am still sane coz i dont like other karan johar movies.


  1. 2. I am loves. Mouna raagam..
    the rest i dunno.. i dunno hindi movies :D

  2. 1. DDLJ
    2. Mouna Ragam
    4. Panchatantiram
    5. ?

    I am sure I have seen the movie from which 3 has been taken....but don't remember. It seems that it is some Ajay Devgan movie maybe...

    5 is a good dialogue. No idea what movie though!

  3. 1. DDLJ (I can hear Kajol saying this as I type this comment - as you say some are just etched in memory, whether you like it or not)
    2. Did you mean favorite actor and director? Revathy (or should I say Divya?) in Mouna Raagam
    3. Pyar To Hona Hi Tha? Not sure...
    4. Panchathandiram, of course!
    5. No idea.... sounds extremely familiar, but it could have been in any of those *Pyar* movies :)

  4. Saya: u dunnno tamil too? number nalu is tamil and a must see tamil movie,no? not knowing hindi is fine actually saves u from so many of these movies:)
    Kaushik and A-kay,
    updated the post with the answers.
    but the wierd thing is, did the same dialogue appear in ddlj too?
    belated birthday wishes:)

  5. hmm...I am pretty sure 1 also came in DDLJ...right after they get back from europe and simran is telling farida jalal about raj, and amrish puri overhears it...anyways gives me a chance to see the first half of ddlj again :)

    can't believe i missed 3. Although the dailogue of DCH that is often repeated here is "mard ban, be a man". But again, I have this feeling that I have heard this dialogue in some other movie also...

    Kal ho na ho, I associate the painful last half hour with the movie...and such heavy dialogues...will never watch it again :)

  6. Great collection of great videos!!