Thursday, June 18, 2009

This happened few years ago. One evening after coming back from college. My mom started, " Guess what happened today? Remember the India today subscription we had ordered? I forgot all about it. A parcel came today, I didnt recall the subscription gift. what with all the bomb scare going around, I got all scared."

"Then, what did you do?"

"I went outside the house and opened the parcel"

"How would have that helped, if there was a bomb, you would have anyway blown off"

"But the TV, fridge and computer wont be affected"


Yes, that is exactly what everyone would have felt, a mother was blown off but in a valiant effort saved TV, Fridge and the computer.


  1. :)

    The first thing that my google reader showed in the morning :)

  2. oh this was superb, thanks for the laugh and the message behind...

  3. message? but there is no message!
    we dont do messages on this blog:)

  4. Ammas are always like this, so innocently ignorant

  5. my mom isnt ignorant at all, she just loves her fridges tvs little more:)