Sunday, June 21, 2009

Feel of earth

Fourteen year old Reese Witherspoon runs towards home after a swim on the TV screen. I suddenly notice the shoes. Did she have them before or was it her starry tantrums that refused to run bare foot? Too shy to feel the earth? Feel of earth, isnt there some sort of hype around that. To let go and feel in its bare form. Then I am reminded of the gravel, how it pokes your feet and the hurt. not so romantic then the feel of earth, I suppose.

Labels: utter rubbish!


  1. :) Reese witherspoon in "Man in the moon".
    this post Didnt make much sense, huh?

  2. i guess - I am not big on bare foot either...except when I am practising yoga...though being bare foot is good for your feet apparently ....

  3. i do like walking on sand.. just wanted to question how much writer'
    s romanticize!