Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"Muruga muruga sollu, current vanthadum."
There, that's probably one of earlier instances of instilling the faith in me. If you think it through, it is a total win-win situation for God. If one didnt repeat god's name till the power came back, the prayer wasnt sincere, if you did continue to chant his name, at the end God helped in bringing the power back.

That was that. During middle school, I got bored of getting the same rank for 2 consecutive years and decided to ask god something. Mom says she never asks God anything. She just prays. Used to believe her then and followed it to the T. But when my rank at class went up that year and that changed things.

Years later, God has become a wish granting ATM machine (doesnt work all the time). Why, if more wishes were granted by another God, the author of the blog might even be willing to switch(she will switch). Though, I feel God should be approached only for 911 sort of emergencies,for other things, I really wish I would get rid of the clutch.


  1. "I really wish I would get rid of the clutch" - did you mean letting go of your faith? Faith (in God, in oneself or anything for that matter) is so powerful. I think of it as an anchor that helps you stay grounded at all times.

  2. Suman,
    No,i was just talking about limiting my soses to God or rather make it a real sos instead of everything sundry.

    Though, i do think the ideal way is not to bother about the concept of god at all. but never going to happen.

  3. why think of god only for soses? For me it is like having a virtual friend....whom I can get happy or mad at - talk to even in the loneliest of moments....when there's faith- you dont need anything else....I guess faith doesn't always equate to God..

  4. sachita:

    i guess you can never say 'bhagvaan, aaj tak main ne tum se kuchh naheen maanga (deep sucking in of breath), magar aaj ... aaj ... mujhe current chaahiye so that main star tv phir dekh sakoon' ;-)

    - s.b.

  5. nahi but bhagwan ne generator de diya, unable to stand all the wishes:)