Wednesday, June 10, 2009


"saaththiram paesugiraay kannammaa saaththiram aedhukkadi
aaththiram kondavarkkae kannammaa saaththiram undoadi"

- asks Bharathiyaar, presuming the anger as a resultant of immaturity. But wont there be more reasons for some one who follows the rule book of life to get angry and upset in this world? The same anger that lingered in all his works.

or was he just referring to the Indian traditional rules?


  1. I am enjoying your daily posts Sachita. They are thought provoking. Unfortunately, my exposure to Bharathiar songs is pretty much confined to movie songs and such (this one comes in KK). I know shame on me..!

  2. thought provoking? as long as they arent boring. they arent meant to be daily posts, suman. i typed them altogether one evening just post dated them. every day is not my cup of tea.

    no shame at all, we take up watever fancies our interest.

  3. Hmmm..interesting insight into Bharathi's work. Wondering if Bharathi too had his share of anger against the rest of the world?

  4. M: interesting insight and all, this isnt. Bharathi had a lot of anger, only anger.

    Gals, just coz i quoted 2 lines from his famous song(which has been featured in movies quite a bit) doesnt mean I have read his works.