Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Different Worlds

Saturday evening, went out with S, her friend and his friends. We did dinner, a desi dance party(I can never never dance) and played carrom. Every word uttered was a double entendre. All of us in our late twenties and a girl who was in her 30s. Headed home at 4.30am. Typical day or night of youth.

Sunday evening DB, L and her parents came home. Typical family talks.

Then there is the blog world. I alternate in and out of. It is a diverse world, some closer home than others but for the most part an interesting world.

Past two days at work has been filled with meetings. An half hour meeting got extended to an hour and a half. The meeting group consisted of two indians, a vietanemese, an italian, an american, and a chinese. Jokes. Some lame. Some decent but almost every one of them requiring an explanation.

Today, dinner at L's house, again familial environment.

Then there has been yoga class for the past 2 days where i am constantly asked to feel the bad feelings and good feelings. Turns out I dont have any feelings, take that you morons.

Way too many worlds to traverse through in two days.

On saturday afternoon, I spent half an hour with doestevesky's white night. That 26 year old young man who calls himself a character, nothing more, is the last world I seemed to have related to.


  1. lol.. at the last line.. i HATE him

  2. Hmm...your world has a lot of family in it :-)

    I switch mostly between the pubs and my own world of the internet, blogs and books...

    The Multiple Personality Disorder :p

  3. Saya: "hate him" why? i have only read 30/70 pages, but i like him as of now.
    Kaushik: Wait for couple of more years, urs will too! but its ok, depends on the phamilies.

  4. very interestin worlds you live in...nice of you to share, thank you.

  5. would trade anyday for the one with a daughter i tell you.