Monday, June 15, 2009

Confession time

It was one of those regular calls to the cable company. You know how they give you time-bound offers lowering the price, then they hike the price after the time period, at which point you call them again discussing with them your financial plans like dropping some features(to savethe price) or move to the rival brands and then they put you on some other offer and ... life's endless cycles.

I made that call. Except this time the permutation and combination ended up in such a way that I had to take a Hindi channel to get the best deal(dont ask, apparently that is consumer market). Chose the cheapest Channel. Star plus.

I have two friends addicted to the Serial thingy, so should have seen it coming. One watches the episodes missed on google video the very next day. The other refuses to step out of the house during the time inspite of a DVR. They work and live in Silicon valley.

At my own house, I can see the ghost nearing me. At first I couldnt believe the mind-numbing episodes reminding you once again of the moniker idiot box. But slowly i can see the convenience factor kicking in. You dont need to know the origins. cant really differentiate between preview and the actual episode. One night, I couldnt even notice that they had moved on to a different serial. The previous serial had this letter lying under a bed. I was listening to something on youtube so had muted the tv. When I watched it again, there was money lying under the bed but it apparently was a different serial. One can never tell.

I had alteast hoped for some film based programs. During the early days of cable TV, the print media wrote all sorts of articles about how the cable TV was filled with programs based on movie without any original products. Sometimes people dont count their blessings and are plain greedy, result, you get the atrocity that is mega-serial tv with exactly one movie per week.

If I probably go missing from blogosphere I am most likely watching the Star plus re-runs or catching up on the whole bank of episodes.Do inform the office of the same.

PSA: Say no to mega-serials.


  1. The only channel that I want is a Cricket channel!

    good luck with the serial watching and learn 1001 ways of placing a thick wad of money in your enemy's pocket and accusing him of theft to get your job done.

  2. I can get that too, but expensive!

    no beta, no, there is just one way in 1001 serials. they are wierd.

  3. well I confess tooo. I have got back into some of them after a long time..

  4. nope nope, we will stage a intervention adn wat not but will save you. :)