Friday, June 12, 2009

i havent grown up yet....

I carefully inspected the chair for any thorns, needles or any thing that can prick. Couldn't find anything. Then why exactly, my dear readers, do i have this urge to get out of the chair at the slightest possible excuse? Go look at the snack corner. Get some water. Head downstairs to make yourself some chai or get some diet coke. Visit the loo as a consequence. Head down for lunch. Head up for a light banter with D. Go for a walk.

But the moment there is a deadline that is realized well after it is definitely going to be missed, all these urges disappear. Key board becomes the weapon, cursing for stupid mistakes another. why? why? why god why me?

ushhhh.... dont tell any one now. .. not my boss.

Ps: I wrote this long time ago, as of today we are working not just sitting on the chair but even sitting on the couch at home. That is how it looks for couple of months.

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