Wednesday, June 10, 2009


When will I learn that I dont need to answer every word I see.
When will I learn that I do need to react certain words when directed towards me. not fews hours or day later. that too in my head. No, even if I do it 100 times in my head, it doesnt count.


  1. Few hours or days later is ok, but may be saying it to the person who directed it to you could be a good idea :-)

  2. Suman: I will end up loking silly, no? all my fuming happens only inside.
    Saya: athu enna? the words described in the post were sly insult!

  3. I have often made up stories of what I could've said after the incident...dont get me wrong...I dont fue inside, I blurt/ I shout/ I get emotional...but what comes out is all wrong...and later I think "I could've said it like this with all these reasons" :)

  4. UL, oops yeah happens rarely to me. it would be good to ahve a remote so we can pause, think over it and say the right thing!